Links for 11/12/15

In the Chicago Sun-Times, former Illinois Gov. Jim Edgar, a Republican who is now on the Steering Committee of the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition, urges his state to support undocumented students to get college loans. 

At RealClearPolitics, Peter Berkowitz on the foolishness at Yale surrounding Halloween costumes and those who think taking offense is their major. Even allowing for the follies of youth, these kids are giving the left a bad name. 

At RNS, Rosie Scammell on Pope Francis urging families to put down the electronic gizmos and eat dinner together. This is sound advice but not without risk: My family always ate dinner together, and my mother led us in spirited conversations about the events and news of the day. When people ask me how I became so opinionated I simply reply: If you had met my mom, and witnessed our dinner conversations, you would know!

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