Links for 1/15/15

Here are some links that might interest Distinctly Catholic readers:

In this morning's Washington Post, E.J. Dionne debunks the idea that our government is engaged in massive income redistribution. Turns out that at the state and local levels, the distribution is from the poor to the rich.  

Over at Religion & Politics, an interesting interview with Steven Smith on religious liberty. Regular readers may recall my review of his book on the same subject. I concluded it was very uneven. 

Finally, some good news. The Diocese of Trenton has posted a video interview with Bishop David O'Connell, CM. +O'Connell underwent emergency surgery before Christmas and then, just before New Year's had another surgery during which doctors removed his leg below the knee. Not exactly the kind of Yuletide he had planned. But, as you can see in the interview, there is a peace and joy that comes to those who entrust themselves to the Lord. And, I especially liked his determination to be at the altar of his cathedral for Palm Sunday Mass. Prayers continue for this wonderful man and wonderful bishop. 


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