Links for 12/1/15

At Politico, Anne Krueger on the situation in Puerto Rico and the need for more federal assistance and involvement. She does a good job detailing the problems and the possibilities the island faces. 

In yesterday's NYTimes, a profile of Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and his wealthy friends, and their effort to re-draw the social contract. This crowd are rich Jacobins and they stand for everything a Catholic well schooled in Catholic Social Teaching should oppose. 

From Sunday's Outlook section in the Washington Post, Steven Pearlstein on four things colleges and universities should be doing. Of all the items on his list, I think re-focusing faculty on teaching rather than on research that is useless for everything except getting tenure is the most salient.

And, today, a response to Pearlstein's piece by Daniel Drezner. He makes some good points, but I still think Pearlstein's arguments are the more persuasive


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