Links for 12/14/15

by Michael Sean Winters

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Normally, I am a fan of Peggy Noonan. But, her post at WSJ about "prayer-shaming" is bizarre. The point of the "prayer-shaming" is not to deny the efficacy of prayer, but to point out the hypocrisy of those in a position of responsibility, with power to do something about assault rifles, conveniently hiding behind prayer to mask their inaction. I agree that the other side is not much better and they could have waited before exploiting the tragedy for political gain. And, Peggy, if you turn to Fr. Gerald Murray for insight, you are definitely barking up the wrong priest.

Krugman on Reich at NY Review of Books. I cannot say I am ever one hundred percent in favor with what either man says - quick question? Has anyone, ever, found a circumstance in which Paul Krugman does NOT think deficit spending is a good idea? But, if they are sometimes a bit foolishly over the top, both men are my kind of fool.

The Vatican News Service reports on today's press conference about the Year of Mercy. I really like the idea that all cathedrals will have a holy door opened for this Jubilee Year. 


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