Links for 12/14/15

Sports Illustrated has named Serena Williams its "Sportsperson of the Year." The tennis phenom is undoubtedly worthy of the honor.  I spent a fair amount of time this summer watching her matches, and often found myself catching my breath at her sheer athleticism. The SI award used to be called "Sportsman of the Year" but there were no biological males in competition this year. I could have voted for the USA women's soccer team, or the UConn women's basketball team, or even for American Pharaoh. None of the guys measured up this year, which is a good thing for the world of sports when you think about it.

At American Prospect, an important article on how the hedge funds, aka vulture funds, are putting the people of Puerto Rico through a humanitarian crisis. It doesn't have to be this way. A Republican member of Congress, Rep. Sean Duffy, has introduced legislation to help the island. It is not perfect, but at least he is paying attention to the issue. The Fed can do more. The White House can do more. Congress could do something. 

At The Onion, what the Koch Brothers get each other for Christmas. Hilarious, except that it actually isn't funny when you think about it.

From the University of Notre Dame, a story of twin sisters who lack immigration documents but who have everything else we would want to find in our young people. They are the face of America's future, not the crowds that applaud Trump's immigrant bashing.


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