Links for 12/21/15

In yesterday's Washington Post, a story about interregilious tensions in a hospital in the Central African Republic, and how Pope Francis' visit to that war-torn country changed people's calculus about what to expect from one another. 

Tonight is the winter solstice, and thank God. When you have to walk the dogs, feed the dogs, administer medicines to the dogs, and write and post a column by 9 a.m., life is better when the sun is rising earlier.  

The editors at tackle the rising Islamophobia in America, and do so with theological arguments that should give pause to anyone who describes himself as a Christian (think GOP candidates), still more a Christian leader (think Rev. Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr.), yet continues to bash Muslims. I think our Church has been doing itself proud on this issue, and the related issue of Syrian refugees. Consider this thoughtful statement from Boston's Cardinal Sean O'Malley. On the other hand, EWTN recently needed someone to address the immigration of Syrian refugees and who did they get? Sen. Jeff Sessions which is a bit like asking Kim Kardashian to offer expert commentary on Natural Family Planning.


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