Links for 12/29/15

by Michael Sean Winters

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In this morning's Washington Post, Ruth Marcus says that Trump is right: Bill Clinton's predatory sexual ways are fair game in his wife's campaign. I am ambivalent here. I would not let Mr. Clinton near my daughter if I had a daughter. But, I do not assess his presidency, or FDR's for that matter, because neither man was entirely faithful to his wife. 

Also in this morning's Post, Michael Gerson worries that the new education legislation will leave poor, mostly black, children high and dry, at a time when we know beyond doubt the correlation between a good education and subsequent life opportunities. There were problems with No Child Left Behind, but the impulse to improve education was not one of those problems, and this may prove, as Gerson worries, to be an example of bipartisan consensus working for the benefit of all except those who most need the help, and have the smallest voice, poor folk.

Today is the Feast of St. Thomas Becket. Gotta love this scene from the movie starring Richard Burton:

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