Links for 12/7/15

In yesterday's Washington Post, Dan Balz on the divisions within the GOP. The figure that jumped out at me was that among Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents who lack a college degree, Donald Trump garners 46% of the vote. Many of these white, working class voters are voters, and it is a measure of the failure of the US Church to inspire them and stand with them that they have turned to the kind of profoundly anti-Christian bunk Trump is peddling. The latest, deeply flawed version of Faithful Citizenship is not going to help either. 

At Politico, Pierre Briancon on the results in the first round of regional voting in France. Shame on Sarkozy if he does not join with the Socialists in a united front against Le Pen and the National Front's hateful xenophpbia. President Hollande has already indicated that Socialist candidates will drop out in favor of the conservatives in those races where the conservative led the first round.

As regular readers know, I am not a huge fan of Hillary Rodham Clinton, but at least she is stepping up and standing for Puerto Rico. 

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