Looking Ahead

Here is a link to my article in the Tablet this week, in which I asked several prominent Catholics to look ahead to a second Obama term.

As mentioned yesterday, I am heavily involved in the scholars' conference at Catholic University on the Holy Father's teachings on the environment, that began last night. So, posting will be spotty today. Then, next week begins the USCCB meeting followed by a visit to HQ in Kansas City for a meeting with my NCR family, followed by a trip to San Juan to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the first arrival of a bishop in the Western Hemisphere. So, with a bottle of Airborne, I am poised for a crazy week. Apart from today, I hope to have my usual morning posts up each day, and I will be live blogging throughout the USCCB meeting. But, my usual blogging schedule may be disrupted a bit and I apologize in advance.

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