Magister & Imbelli on Pope Francis

These two articles, one by veteran Vaticanologist Sandro Magister and the other by Fr. Robert Imbelli of Boston College, shed important light not only on Pope Francis, but on the rich diversity of thought and insight within our Catholic tradition, and even within the Jesuit tradition.  The money quote from Fr. Imbelli:

As many have already noted, Pope Francis does not dispute what has become settled magisterial teaching in this regard. “The teaching of the church,” he insists, “is clear; and I am a son of the church.” Significant, however, is his repositioning of these moral teachings in relation to the heart of the matter, which is the church’s proclamation of the good news that “Jesus Christ has saved you!” Though he does not use the term here, it seems evident that what Francis discerns to be the pressing need of our time is a new evangelization, a renewed proclamation of the love and mercy of God embodied and made available in Jesus Christ. 

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