Miller v. George

Vince Miller responds to Professor George, more thoughtfully than George deserves, at America magazine. 

People, this is the whole ballgame in our consumerist, spread eagle capitalist, culture of death. Either this Randian nonsense is acceptable to Catholic orthodoxy or it is not. And, the problems run deep: The problem with this libertarian nonsense, the theological problem, is the same as the problem with liberation theology and the same problem with pro-choice advocates: Faulty theological anthropology. I am not prepared to say that Professor George is a heretic. That is a formal, and a legal, charge. But, that he is increasingly a fraud as an intellectual, more concerned with carrying water for the GOP than with defending the Church's teachings, all of them, and all of them non-negotiable, willing to embrace any intellectual fad so long as it comes from his right, dismissing arguments with talking points, and Thomistic arguments with talking points, well he is doing a better job proving his fraudulence every day than anything I could write to make the case.   

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