More on Al Smith Dinner

The other day I called attention to Cardinal Timothy Dolan's post about his reasons for inviting both President Obama and Governor Romney to the annual Al Smith dinner. Cardinal Dolan was kinder in explaining his reasonings than I would be. Have a look at the comments on his blog, almost all of which are still critical, some nasty. I encourage everyone to write a comment in support of Cardinal Dolan.

Over at the website Renew America, David Cassidy explained that he understood the cardinal's motivation:

Once again, the American Episcopacy has put institutional interests ahead of what is moral and good. We have no interest in their views on the Farm Bill, trade policies or continuing budget resolutions. We do, however, expect them to speak with clarity and consistency on the great moral issues of our day. It seems Cardinal Dolan, like so many before him, would rather be a political player than a moral force for the good and true.

Nice. These neo-Jansenists are not just an embarrassment to the Church, they are a counter-witness to a Gospel that proclaims the God who is love. The cardinal has declined the invitation to treat the president as an "untouchable." He owes no one an apology.

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