More Misreading Francis

Over at Catholic World Report, Michael Severance looks at Pope Francis' economic vision. His quotes are almost entirely from those on the pro-free-market side of the ledger. But, what really irks is the repeated attempt to privatize the pope's vision. Severance writes:

As the Holy Father intends not to focus his pastoral attention on any political-economic categories of “left” and “right,” “liberal” and “conservative,” his objective as a spiritual and pastoral leader is to inspire a need for personal conversion and holiness. He is also well aware that public policy prescriptions aiming at the common good of human society will be errant if built on a false anthropology of man and a flawed moral-theological framework.

The second half of the quote is fine, but the first sentence only captures a part of the pope's vision. Of course we are all called to personal conversion and holiness. But, the pope is calling for structures that embody justice too. 

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