No, the Knesset is Not on the Potomac

by Michael Sean Winters

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The idea that the State of Israel exercises undue influence in Washington is an old and usually unsavory idea. It is disturbing to find it in the headline of an article at Commonweal.

I would add that you do not have to be Israeli or Jewish to think that the Senate Resolution, which has Margaret Steinfels so upset, was little more than a recognition that, of course, in any war that might happen between Israel and one of her neighbors, the U.S. should stand with Israel. Would Steinfels really think America could stand with the liberty-loving mullahs in Tehran? With the benign and pacific Mssr. Assad? With the cuddly, happy-go-lucky members of Hamas? If there is a war in the Mideast in the foreseeable future, it will surely pit Israel against one of these three actors. Why wouldn't the U.S. Senate pledge itself to supporting Israel?  

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