+Osoro to Madrid

Just as in the U.S. speculation about who is going to be the next Archbishop of Chicago has dominated the realm of ecclesiastical gossip, in Spain the question of who will be going to Madrid has been the leading topic of conversation. A Spanish newspaper is reporting that the Holy See has informed the government that Archbishop Carlos Osoro, presently in Valencia, has gotten the nod. It was widely thought that Cardinal Antonio Canizares, presently the Prefect at the Congregation for Divine Worship, would go to Madrid. King Juan Carlos, who recently abdicated, wanted him. A source tells me that Pope Francis wanted him. But, the incumbent in Madrid, Cardinal Ruoco Varela, was deeply opposed. Evidently, he and +Canizares are not the best of friends. It is expected that +Canizares will, in turn, go to Valencia, which is his home region. No word yet on who will be going to the Congregation for Divine Worship. 

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