OUCH! Peppard Spanks Russell Moore

Over at Commonweal, Michael Peppard blitzes and sacks a recent essay by Russell Moore, the President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. One of the many money quotes in this brilliant takedown: "American Christians are the most powerful group of people in history to have convinced themselves they are oppressed."

We have seen Moore before, when he shared a podium at the National Press Club with fellow culture warrior Archbishop William Lori. I wonder what +Lori makes of the anti-Catholicism in Moore's essay here? You could tell at the Press Club event, and you can tell in this essay, that Moore is more bumper sticker than thoughtful thinker. I have warned Catholic prelates before about cozying up to Evangelicals. I share Peppard's wonderful essay to repeat that warning.


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