Papa Francesco on Salt & Inculturation

In his homily this morning, Papa Francesco spoke about the metaphor of salt. As a friend who sent me the link noted, the pope's words perfectly express the Catholic approach to inculturation: "The Christian originality is not a uniformity! It takes each one as he is, with his own personality, with his own characteristics, his culture – and leaves him with that, because it is a treasure. However, it gives one something more: it gives flavour! This Christian originality is so beautiful, because when we want to make a uniformity - all salted in the same way - things will be like when the woman throws in too much salt and one tastes only salt and not the meal. The Christian originality is this: each is as he is, with the gifts the Lord has given him.” I have noted before that Papa Francesco is certainly on the same page on doctrinal matters as his predecessors, but to call "his own personality" and "his own characteristics" and "his culture," to call these "a treasure," is a long way away from the attitude some of our more conservative Catholic commentators take towards others.  


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