Pat Archbold's Alternate Universe

Over at the National Catholic Register, Pat Archbold is very upset with the USCCB for their statement supporting President Obama's executive order on immigration. Mr. Archbold is entitled to his opinions to be sure. And the Register, which likes to claim the mantle of obedience to the hierarchy, is entitled to print it. But, all of us in the press, even those of us who write opinion columns, are bound by the basic requirement of sanity in our writing. When Archbold writes, "The USCCB shows again that it is willing to use the visage of episcopal approbation to promote the public policy preferences of the leftists that run it, by any means necessary," he moves into some alternate universe of reality. Leftists runs the USCCB? That would be news to just about everyone. I will only mention in passing that his utter lack of sympathy for the light of immigrants is shocking and sad. I would love to see his exegesis of the text we heard a few Sundays ago, Exodus 22:20-26: "Thus says the Lord: You shall not molest or oppress an alien, for you were once aliens yourselves in the land of Egypt."  And, the next time someone at the Register or EWTN slams NCR for not being faithful to the magisterium, ask them about Mr. Archbold.

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