Professor George's Tantrum

Last week, when I was in Colorado to give a talk, a woman asked me if I could recommend a website that had thoughtful commentary from the right. (She was kind enough to say that she thought my blog evidenced thoughtful commentary from the left and wanted to balance it.) Unhesitatingly, I recommended her to the blog "Mirror of Justice." As regular readers know, I have often found myself in disagreement with some of the writers there, but certainly in my exchanges with the blog's driving intellectual force, Professor Rick Garnett of Notre Dame Law School, every time I engage Garnett, I learn something.

So, you will imagine my surprise when I found this truly juvenile rant posted by Professor Robbie George.  It truly speaks for itself. I will only make two points. First, I have never called Paul Ryan a Randian. I have said that Ryan called himself a Randian. Second, the image of Mr. George and Mr. Weigel on the phone, all that hubris rushing back and forth (back and froth?), congratulating themselves as being masters of the ecclesiastical-political universe, determined to prove once and for all that Jesus the Christ died to make America great, leads one to an inescapable conclusion that whatever those two supposed intellectuals were discussing, it was not Testem benevolentiae.


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