Reaction to Wheaton College Joining HHS Suits

Morning Briefing has a link to an essay jointly written by CUA President john Garvey and Wheaton College President Philip Ryken, that appeared in the Wall Street Journal. The essay explains some of the reasons Wheaton has joined with CUA in its lawsuit against the HHS mandate.

And, at "Debating Obama," Greg Metzger looks at some of the media reaction to the news of Wheaton's lawsuit.

I remain worried about the evangelical-Catholic political alliance, not primarily because it tilts right, although it certainly does so tilt, but because I think the Church is ill-served by reducing religion to ethics when we enter the public square. Given the vast doctrinal differences between Catholics and Evangelicals, such a reduction is necessary to get them on the same page. That said, there is no reason we cannot in certain instances, and I think this is such an instance, diverse religious groups should not join forces to beat back a law that has ugly implications for all religious organizations. But, let's not make it a habit or we will unintentionally contribute to the very secularization that is the problem.

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