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The Real Issue with Obamacare

This article at The New Republic by Jonathan Cohn explains the real issue facing the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, namely, what will happen to the rates and premiums and deductibles people pay. Long after the website is fixed, this is what will matter to people and it is vital that the administration find someone - Kathleen Sebelius is not that person - who can explain how it all works with the ease that Cohn displays. Indeed, maybe Obama should fire Sebelius and hire Cohn to replace her!

The other problem the administration faces is that while the law will not actually affect most people's policies, whatever negative experiences people have with their policies, will not be blamed on Obamacare. The administration needs to get out in front of all this. So far, they have not. The health care of millions of Americans is at stake so it is not asking too much for the White House and HHS to get their act together.



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