Samuel Gregg on Evangelii Gaudium

Over at National Review, the Acton Institute's Samuel Gregg has penned his take on Evangelii Gaudium.  It is an extended variation on the childhood theme, "Who me? That was not my hand in the cookie jar!" Then he essentially says the pope does not know what he is talking about when it comes to economics. Of course, as baptized Christians, the pope and Mr. Gregg worship a crucified Lord. Even if what Gregg says is true, and markets are the only way to go, success is not a name of God and is not a Christian category.  More importantly, Gregg completely ignores the pope's clear argument that the spread eagle capitalism we actually have, as opposed to the blissful free market Gregg imagines, debases all of culture. As predicted, the view presented here by Gregg is that the pope is a good and holy man but out of his depths. It is a shameful and pathetic response. 

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