A Second to Schlumpf

My colleague Heidi Schlumpf has penned a column advocating abstinence from "Black Friday" shopping. I second the motion. I would also like to see if Bill Donohue and Bill O'Reilly, both of whom have discerned and denounced a "War on Christmas" waged by secularists will now understand that the war on Christmas comes not from secularists but from profiteers, and now they are attacking Thanksgiving too. Our children may like the sight of a nativity scene on the town square, but they will find other nativity scenes if the courts ban any from public space. But, it is really, really difficult to avoid the commercialization of our religious holidays that is truly stealing the heart out of them. I am not about to become Amish, but I am committed again this year to giving only three types of presents: good books, a nice sweater for my Dad, and freshly baked quiches. That is a couple of trips to the Newman Bookstore or Kramerbooks in DC, one trip to Macy's and some quality time in the kitchen. I can live with that.

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