Shame on We Are the Church

The group "We Are the Church" has announced itself unsatisfied with the decision of Pope Francis to canonize Pope John Paul II. Shame on them. I have many reservations about the papacy of John Paul II. I think he made some horrible decisions and that the Church has suffered greatly because he was a poor judge of character. Think Fr. Maciel. Think Cardinal Sodano. But, I do not doubt that John Paul II was a man of sufficient sanctity that the Lord has already gathered him into His own bosom in heaven, which is what a canonization attests. The way John Paul II heroically dealt with his Parkinson's, embracing his cross, was the act of a saint. Yes, having a pope be so ill for so long was a disaster for the papacy. But, it was not a disaster for his soul. And God, hopefully, will not judge us based on how effective we were at performing the jobs we were given, but on the state of our souls. "We are the Church" is the kind of leftie group that gives me the heeby-geebies. No theology. No sense of tradition. No sense of what other Catholics in other parts of the world think is important. Just an agenda. 

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