Solipsism Indeed

Over at Huffington Post, Michael Novak interviews George Weigel about his new book. Well, perhaps interview is not the right word in this context as there is more fawning than questioning in the text. But, is it not ironic that Weigel denounces solipsism in an article that is almost a perfect example of the phenomenon?

Is anyone else tired of Mr. Weigel calling for a "full-throttled Catholicism" without so much as a mention of the need to convert Western consumer lifestyles and the capitalism that makes it all thrive, if you can all the orgy of materialism thriving? If I were to say anything to Mr. Weigel, it would be this, which I readily admit I have borrowed from a very great teacher: Go and sell all you have and then come follow Jesus. Until then, please stop pretending to be the only full-throttled Catholic in the United States.

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