Thoughts on Kim Davis and a synod preview

The Holy See's statement this morning about the pope's meeting with Kim Davis raises two questions. First, how do you say "blindsided" in Italian? Second, what is the idiomatic expression in Italian for "to throw someone under the bus"?

Ms. Davis did not meet with Pope Francis for fifteen minutes. She and a bunch of other people met with the pope for about fifteen minutes. It was not an "audience." It suggested no endorsement of her position. It remains obvious to me that the nuncio has some explaining to do about how he allowed this to happen, but it is my sincere hope that we can get back to talking about all the wonderful things the pope did and said, including what he said about religious liberty, instead of talking only about Ms. Davis, and talking only on the basis of what she and her lawyer says. 


As regular readers know, I have been at my computer every day for the past 12 days. There is much to say about the synod that begins this weekend, but both because I am mentally exhausted and because it is worth repeating what I wrote before last year's synod, I provide below links to those curtain raising posts. They stand up pretty well, and I think the questions are largely the same. On Monday, I will have fresh thoughts on the synod. 

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