Virtually Visiting Cathedrals

by Michael Sean Winters

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For the past five days, I have been engaged in doggie rehab. Clementine is crate bound - she sees the surgeon for a follow-up today and hopefully will be able to enjoy the freedom of the house again after the doc signs off, although she will still be on restricted movement outside, no playing with her brothers for another two weeks. I set up the crate in a room I had not been using, brought down the futon and set it next to the crate, and arranged a makeshift desk to work in the same room, so that she is not ever feeling alone. Even when I go into the kitchen for a minute to make dinner, she starts to complain.

Consequently, I spent a fair amount of time the last five days at the computer surfing, Wikipedia is not reliable as a source of information but it is very good at making it easy to find a list of things with links. And, one of the lists I found contained all the cathedrals in the U.S. Seeing as, when I get to a new city, one of my favorite activities is to check out the churches, I went to all the links of cathedrals I had never seen before. Some of them are astoundingly beautiful, such as the various cathedrals in Louisiana. So, check it out and see which cathedrals you think are the most beautiful. One thing is certain: With very few exceptions, our Church has added to the aesthetic quality of America's cities.

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