Wassup at EWTN?

Yesterday, I called attention to an article by Pat Archbold at the National Catholic Register, now owned by EWTN, in which he not only criticized the bishops' stance on immigration but ranted about the issue in a way that was, to put it charitably, not recognizably Catholic. 

Then, last night, on "EWTN News Nightly," the network featured an interview with Daniel Stein, who leads the group FAIR. Check out their website and see if you see anything recognizably Catholic, or even, humane, there. EWTN has not yet posted the video of the interview. I look forward to them having an interview with Cecile Richards on January 22. 

Many bishops maintain close relations with EWTN, appearing on their different programs. The network is not my cup of tea, to be sure, but it is a big Church and there is room for everybody. But, hosting anti-immigrant propaganda? This is worth a phone call or two from some key chanceries to the network's CEO. 

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