Who Is a "Real" Democrat?

Kristen Day, head the group Democrats for Life, wrote a letter to New York State Senator Jeff Klein after Klein said that “real” Democrats support abortion rights. Hats off to Day for setting the record straight and reminding Sen. Klein, and everyone, that while we pro-lifers are a minority within the Democratic Party, we are not a negligible minority and we may be the only intellectually coherent wing of either party! Here is the full text of Day's letter:


January 31, 2013

Senator Jeff Klein

Legislative Office Building, Room 913

Albany, NY 12247

Dear Senator Klein:

I am writing to respond to your comments that “real” Democrats support a woman’s right

to choose. I disagree with your assessment. Opportunity for everyone, not abortion, is a

core Democratic value.

There is no longer overwhelming support for abortion without restrictions and no longer

overwhelming support for taxpayer funding of abortion. An increasing number of

individuals are identifying themselves as pro-life -- reaching over 50 percent in a recent

Gallup Poll. Conversely, people identifying themselves as pro-choice has reached a

record low of 41 percent according to the same May 23, 2012 poll. Further, one-third (or

21 million) Democrats self-identify as pro-life.

We, as a party, need to focus on ways to bring together Democrats on both sides of this

issue and focus on what unites us -- not tell people that they do not belong because they

disagree on one position.

Further, we need to focus on more support for women facing unplanned pregnancies. The

New York abortion rate is 37.6 per 1000 women, almost double the national average of

19.6. New York also has fewer restrictions, no waiting periods, no informed consent, and

no limitations on public funding of abortion. No woman should believe abortion is the

only choice. Legislation, such as the Pregnant Women Support Act, would be more

beneficial for New York women.

We urge you to reconsider your position on adding the abortion language to the Women’s

Equity bill and consider adding the Pregnant Women Support Act (the Federal Pregnancy

Assistance Fund). Additionally, we ask that you extend an open hand to welcome and

work with pro-life Democrats. The diversity within our Party is a source of strength and

allows us to advocate for real democratic values.

We appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you.


Kristen Day

Executive Director

Democrats For Life of America

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