WPFMTS Syndrome is Back

WPFMTS - What Pope Francis Meant to Say - Syndrome is back and, in this instance, prepping itself for next year's anticipated encyclical on the environment. Over at CatholicCulture.org, Dr. Jeff Mirus re-phrases Pope Francis' recent message to the Climate Change conference in Peru. He completely overstates the degree to which prudential judgment is a get-out-of-jail-free card for those who do not want to do anything about climate change and, of course, understates the certainty about the threat. The Holy Father's message to the conference is one thing - popes issue messages all the time. But an encyclical is a big deal and next year's encyclical on the environment will be a test case for those bishops who read Dr. Mirus' agitprop approvingly. Will they defend the Church's social teachings with the same degree of force that they defend the Church's teaching on sexual ethics? We'll be watching. 

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