Francis: 'All church problems can be overcome'

Pope Francis Sunday, citing the day’s Gospel reading from the Acts of the Apostles, assured those gathered in St. Peter’s Square that all church problems can be solved with perseverance and prayer.  He said the Apostles, when faced with difficulties, took control of the situation and therefore overcame their problems.

“By sharing, discussing and praying, all problems in the Church can be resolved, with the certainty that gossip, envy and jealousy never lead to concord, harmony and peace. There too it was the Holy Spirit who crowned this understanding and this enables us to understand that, when we let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit, it leads us to harmony, unity and respect for different gifts and talents”.

Francis asked Mary to “help us to be docile to the Holy Spirit, so that we might be mutually respectful and converge ever more deeply in faith and charity, with our hearts open to the needs of our brethren.”

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