America magazine numbers move heavenly

A terrific, well deserved boost for America magazine in the wake of its 12,000-word Sept. 19 interview of Pontiff Francis. America was one of a number of Jesuit publications to get its hands on the exclusive exchange, which was, at its heart,  a very personal and revealing spiritual reflection. 

In the days following publication of the interview, the journal added 900 subscribers, and the number of unique visitors to its website reportedly shot up from 5,000 per day to 200,000.

America, of course, and NCR have journeyed together for decades, sharing a Vatican II vision of a more pastoral, just, and inclusive church.  NCR readers should also be reading America magazine if they are not  already doing so today.

Where would we be without our Jesuits? Without Ignatian spirituality? Indeed, there might not even be a Francis as bishop of Rome.

What’s good for America is equally good for NCR

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