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Arkansas Senate's gun vote goes against Christian values

 |  NCR Today

I was visiting the Religion News Service website today when I saw this incredible headline: "Arkansas Senate OKs guns in churches."  It passed 28-4.

Guns in churches? You've got to be kidding.  Moreover, the new law makes it permissible for these guns to be concealed weapons, and it allows churches to decide which parishioners can bring their concealed weapons inside.

One church cited in the story, Pryor Creek Community Church, apparently offers a concealed-carry certification in an effort to reach out to non-Christians and attract new members.  Guns are a way to get converts? What religion is that?

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Is there no limit to this insanity about guns?  Whatever happened to the nonviolent example of Jesus?  Whatever happened to Christian ideals of peace?

This measure apparently now goes to the Arkansas House, and I'm not holding my breath it will meet any significant opposition. 



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