Call a 'Coup' a 'Coup'

A US delegation in Honduras, sponsored by the Quixote Center, has heard numerous reports of human rights violations, and has sent the following to the U.S. Ambassador in that country:

“Given the most recent example of state-sponsored repression in San Pedro Sula on Monday, and in light of the clear illegality and unconstitutionality of the coup government, it is essential that the United States Government formally and unequivocally name this a coup d'etat.

US law would then require that all financial aid be cut and military ties severed until constitutional rule of law is restored. Further, diplomatic as well as tourist and business visas to anyone implicated in the coup would be cancelled -- not just the diplomatic visas of a few coup leaders -- and the US mission, including the Ambassador, would need to be pulled from the country.

By declaring the coup a coup, the US would be joining the rest of the International Community, and acting in accordance with US and International law. This is the responsibility and only rightful course of action for the US if it is to act in good faith on its commitment to supporting and defending democracy.”

Read a full description of what this delegation has seen at Quixote Center we site.

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