Dolan: Hurricane Sandy brought out 'noble side' of people

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan appeared on Fox News this morning to discuss the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Wearing an FDNY jacket, Dolan called the storm a "tragedy" that has brought out the "most noble sentiments of people."

Said Dolan:

What do you say? Our hearts are broken when we see the loss of life, the grieving families, the devastation, and the ruination -- people without their cherished possessions and their homes. 

But throughout all of it too, you begin to see a glimmer of light. And hope. People coming together.

There’s two things that can happen in tragedy. Either we can become selfish, we can become violent, we can be every person for himself. Or we can pitch in in solidarity and community to help one another, to rescue one another.

Thanks be to God that’s what’s happening throughout Connecticut, throughout New Jersey, and throughout our beloved New York.

Once again, the best, the most noble sentiments of people are coming out, as people are heroic and generous in serving those in need.

So even in the midst of our tears, there’s a smile on our face as we thank God that that beautiful, noble side of people seems to be dominating.

The full interview with Dolan follows:

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