Cardinal Turkson: Equal access to health care is a matter of justice

Ensuring equal access to health care, especially for the less fortunate, can only be achieved through a "renewed moral commitment by the countries with the greatest resources to the countries most in need," Cardinal Peter Turkson said.


Saints accompany, intercede for Christians in prayer, pope says

Christians are never alone in prayer but instead are accompanied by myriad saints who protect them and seek God's intercession, Pope Francis said.


Christ's victory over death proclaims a second chance for all, pope says

The Easter liturgies -- with the fire, sharing of light from the paschal candle, the renewal of baptismal promises and the proclamation that Jesus has risen -- assure people that it is never too late to start again, Pope Francis said.

Son of Man, son of Krypton: DC film trilogy takes cues from Christ's passion

Zack Snyder's version of Superman's journey, which culminated March 18 with the release of his cut of "Justice League," mirrors the defining moments in Jesus' life that Christians commemorate each year.