Amid war, reconciliation among Christians can foster peace, pope says

Meeting with a delegation from the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople June 30, the pope said that as war continues to rage in Ukraine, it is a time not for "talking and discussing, but for weeping, for helping others and for experiencing conversion ourselves."


Pope at pallium Mass: Church must go out to 'meet the world'

Like Sts. Peter and Paul, the church must go out to evangelize and not be bound by the chains of routine and spiritual mediocrity that stifles the Gospel message, Pope Francis said.

Vatican financial watchdog reports on its 2021 activities

The Vatican's financial watchdog agency said that more financial transactions flagged as suspicious in 2021 than in the previous year was an indication that stringent policies aimed at transparency were working.

Fra' Marco Luzzago, Knights of Malta head, dies at 71

Fra' Marco Luzzago, who led the Knights of Malta since late 2020, died at the age of 71, the order announced.