Feliz Fiesta

A shout out to all our Boricua readers. Today is the Feast of the Birth of Saint John the Baptist, the patron saint of Puerto Rico. If you have never been to that enchanted island, put it on your list of must vacations. In addition to the natural beauty of the island, from the endless beaches and clear waters with every shade of blue imaginable to the magnificent rain forest El Yunque, the island is rich in Church History. The Church of San Jose, undergoing restorations but now open to the public again, is the second oldest church building in the Western hemisphere. The first bishop to arrive in the New World was Bishop Alonso Manzo, the first bishop of San Juan, in 1513. The cathedral in the center of the old city was built in the early nineteenth century after its predecessor was destroyed, but there are two old chapels in the rear of the church that date to the 1520s. An old convent across the street has been turned into a swanky hotel that is a great place to grab a cocktail and check out the old chapel and the great portraits. And, then, of course, there is the food. Fried whole snapper. Mofungo. Pio Nonos. No reason not to go.

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