Hiroshima: tug at conscience

For the past week, Dave Robinson, Pax Christi USA Executive Director, has been in Japan, first as part of an international and interfaith consultation on the peace clause, Article 9, of Japan's constitution, and most recently as a guest of anti-nuclear activists in Hiroshima.

In Hiroshima earlier this week, Dave wrote:

My dear friends,

Today I visited Hiroshima. Words cannot express the deep feelings aroused by standing on ground zero. Shortly after emerging from the Peace Museum, I met with Bishop Joseph Misue. He gave me a book of Haiku that his Justice and Peace Council published only last week. In that book, I found the words that filled my heart but escaped my mind as I sobbed in front of Sadako's sandals, encased in glass alongside her medical log. I share it here as a testament to my witness:

The atomic museum,
the cries of the heart's ears,
the scent of the lily.


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