'Horror-tainment' proves the need for men and women to come together

By now, if you have any link to any media, you have seen the photo of the men who testified on Capitol Hill about artificial contraception Thursday.

If you only look at the photo, the only people testifying are men. From an image analysis alone, the fact that only men testified about an issue at the core of our being as human persons, this image is deeply troubling.

Although the regulation of birth seems like it is only for women, Humane Vitae stresses that this is a matter for husbands and wives -- that would mean men and women. Even among conservative Christians, there must have been one woman who agreed with these men who could have been included. (It seems they denied a "liberal" woman the chance to testify.)

This morning, a colleague sent me this link about an award-winning Fox News person, Liz Trotta, commenting on the Pentagon's study that revealed the surge in violent sexual assaults against women in the military.

Ms. Trotta's views are deeply troubling about men and women and the inevitability of violent sexual assaults.

Everyone knows that news and entertainment converged a long time ago into "infotainment."

But Jon Stewart's new genre of "horror-tainment" calls for an image of a clown, crying -- that after all this time, all the suffering, that even a woman cannot stand up for women, and that rather than include men and women in a hearing about artificial contraception, women were excluded from the conversation. Women are silenced once again.

Let's not forget the dad who shot his daughter's computer with his .45.

What does it all mean?

That our culture is in serious need of God's Word and Christian disciples who walk the talk. Men and women together.

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