Sr. Rose Pacatte, a member of the Daughters of St. Paul, is the founding Director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies in Los Angeles. She is an award-winning film journalist and author or co-author of 15 titles on film, film and Scripture and media literacy education. She has a master's of education in media studies degree from the University of London. Her dissertation for her doctorate in pastoral ministry from the Graduate Theological Foundation is entitled "To Seek God's Face: Theological Approaches to Film." You find all her NCR reviews and articles at

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At 50 years, 'The Godfather' still impacts how Hollywood depicts gangs, violence

What is the legacy of "The Godfather"? Is it the many mafia movies that followed? It would seem like there is nothing like a powerful, violent, multigenerational, male-dominated family saga to entertain us.

'Procession' is a unique documentary about a journey from trauma to healing

Review: "Procession" is a human, spiritual and faith journey about crimes that are still to be acknowledged, a too-long process of healing fueled by the hope and longing for acknowledgement, justice and restitution. 

'Colin in Black & White' explores Kaepernick's fight for societal change

In "Colin in Black & White," Colin Kaepernick uses his narrative to teach us about his life growing up as a biracial boy in America and the historical, cultural, familial and racial realities that shaped him.

Book Review

When movies put Satan onscreen, the devil is in the details

Book review: Why do people go to see films about the devil? Giving the Devil His Due: Satan and Cinema fills "a gap in cinema scholarship," given that the evil has appeared in movies since the very beginning.