Sr. Rose Pacatte, a member of the Daughters of St. Paul, is the founding Director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies in Los Angeles.

She is an award-winning film journalist and author or co-author of fifteen titles on film, film and scripture and media literacy education. She has an Master's of Education in Media Studies from the University of London and is a D.Min candidate. You can learn more about her at

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'Unorthodox' a beautiful story about finding one's place in the world

Review: The new original Netflix series follows the story of a young woman in an arranged marriage of the Satmar Hasidic community. Loosely based on a memoir, its goal was to show a universal story. This review includes an interview with one of the series producers, Anna Winger.


A DIY edifying film festival for the social distanced and quarantined

There is nothing like being unexpectedly homebound, as the coronavirus has done to us all. NCR film critic Sr. Rose Pacatte suggests some movies we can watch together as grownups, families with children, or solo.

'The Banker' is a bodacious film about social activism

"The Banker" is based on an incredible true story of two men who, after creating wealth for themselves, moved to social activism by creating opportunities for their neighbors.


Oscar hopefuls include some of Sister Rose's favorites — but not all

Commentary: Of the 50 or so Oscar-nominated films, I have seen 29, a number of them among my top 13 favorites of 2019. My test: Is the story told in such a compelling way that I would watch this film again?