I like Hillary Clinton

At the Democrats' convention, President Bill Clinton spoke in praise of his wife. It was a lovely talk, and I remember one point in particular. He said that if you put Hillary down anyplace in the world, she would make things better.

The next day one talk show host on NPR said, "Well, if you put her down in Syria, she couldn't make things better. It's a war and she couldn't just stop it."

But I don't think that's what Bill Clinton meant. I imagine that if Hillary found herself in Aleppo, she'd set to cooking so the mom could soothe the baby. Or she'd gather a brigade of children and go with them to find firewood. Or she'd help the infirm to safe hiding. She'd make things better, as best she could.

That's my own desire, to make things better where I am. A little better. So I plant flowers and cook and visit prisoners. Hillary went to law school and worked for child welfare and designed a health care program and traveled around the world talking people out of making war.

I like her a lot. I can't get worked up about her email.

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