Mary Ann McGivern, a Sister of Loretto, works with people who have felony convictions and advocates for criminal justice. She lived at a Catholic Worker house for 28 years. She has been a public radio commentator and written plays and a cookbook. She lives in St. Louis.

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Standing with prisoners who cry out for justice

NCR Today: I wrote last week about prisoners’ three-week strike for just treatment. So did Clare Coffey. The strike officially ended Sept. 9, but punishment of the strikers continues.


Listen to prisoners striking for justice

NCR Today: Prisoners across the U.S. are striking in an ongoing, national call for reform of the conditions that they endure during incarceration.


How we missed the opportunity to save the planet

NCR Today: The recent New York Times Magazine article on "Losing Earth" to climate change is a gripping, discouraging account of our human failure.


Responsible investing: small acts for good do accumulate

NCR Today: A request from the African Activist Archive Project brought me back to days of anti-apartheid actions with the Sisters of Loretto in St. Louis.