Mary Ann McGivern, a Sister of Loretto, works with people who have felony convictions and advocates for criminal justice. She lived at a Catholic Worker house for 28 years. She has been a public radio commentator and written plays and a cookbook. She lives in St. Louis.

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Long prison sentences make things worse, not better

NCR Today: The sentences that come from mandatory minimums don't rehabilitate or prepare the person for work and family reunification. They just punish and punish and punish.


Solve the Missouri budget problem by reducing the prison population

NCR Today: I have a meeting tomorrow with the chief of staff of the newly elected speaker of the Missouri House. What ideas for criminal justice reform have a chance?


Generosity: my word for 2019

NCR Today: The first recommendation for turning a New Year's resolution into a habit is to think big. Frame it as a theme for the year. So I'm resolving to be generous.


Indian nations ask Pope Francis to rescind Doctrine of Discovery

NCR Today: In May, delegates from Native American nations asked for a meeting with the Holy See to develop a process of retracting, removing, dismantling and rejecting all use of case law that relies on the Doctrine of Discovery.