Mary Ann McGivern, a Sister of Loretto, works with people who have felony convictions and advocates for criminal justice. She lived at a Catholic Worker house for 28 years. She has been a public radio commentator and written plays and a cookbook. She lives in St. Louis.

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Longing for a peaceable kingdom

NCR Today: They seem to know there's plenty. They give each other space. They wait their turn. They are a model for us limited humans.


Lobbying in lieu of ashes: a pushback against long prison sentences

NCR Today: On Ash Wednesday, I drove the two and a half hours to Missouri's State Capitol in Jefferson City to advocate for some criminal justice legislation.


Mexico disappearances highlight consequences of small arms exports

NCR Today: Local police who attacked 43 Mexican students in 2014 carried U.S., German and Italian weapons. What are ways to resist such legal gun transfers?


What does 'the grace of a happy death' mean?

Life is full of pain and sorrow and loss. And it's too short. The only thought I have to offer is that death is a problem. That's my conclusion from observing a lot of people dying.