Mary Ann McGivern, a Sister of Loretto, works with people who have felony convictions and advocates for criminal justice. She lived at a Catholic Worker house for 28 years. She has been a public radio commentator and written plays and a cookbook. She lives in St. Louis.

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From the border to the Thanksgiving table, we carry a lot with us

NCR Today: It is two days before Thanksgiving and I am just home from the School of the Americas Watch demonstration at Nogales, Arizona, and Nogales, Mexico.


How we treat prisoners tells us who we are

NCR Today - The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee is asking people to speak up on conditions at South Carolina's Lieber Correctional Institution. I made the call.


A tear in the heart can't really be healed

NCR Today: We use the word "healing" with a facile tongue.


From public policy to personal choice, God invites us to choose life

NCR Today: Choose life, says God. That's the invitation to us all, especially with regard to banning weapons directed by artificial intelligence, as well as advocating pro-life public policies.