Litany to sisters' communities a wonderful way to pray

I attended our local vigil in support of Catholic sisters on the last Tuesday in May. There were 100 people in front of the Basilica of St. Louis, young men and women and babies that I didn't know, and older people who were friends of mine. It filled me with confidence that the church is in good hands.

Below is a litany to sisters' communities prepared by Marie Andrews, who is a wife, mother and a vigorous activist. She compiled it using the sisters' websites. She named God for each community, based on their spirituality. Then she wrote a brief prayer, based on their mission statement. Almost all the sisters who work in St. Louis were listed. Marie did forget the Helpers of the Holy Souls, the BVMs and the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and she may have missed one or two other communities, but it was a wonderful litany to pray as we stood together holding candles in the warm darkness.

Click here to read the prayers.

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