Looking for white smoke? There's an app for that

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You just don’t have to be in Rome anymore to know the moment there’s a new pope.

The advent of radio and television allowed people to hear and see the news minutes after the smoke rose from the Sistine Chapel.

And now, of course, there’s an app.

There are actually numerous apps, but one with a simple name is the Conclave mobile app. Created by Logos Bible Software, it offers instant access to the latest developments in Rome to the on-the-go, conclave curious.

Features of the free app, available for download on Apple and Android devices, include biographies of all eligible cardinals and resources for past conclaves. It also compiles pope-related tweets using #pope and #conclave hashtags in a single feed, as well as the latest content from a variety of Catholic news sources, including the National Catholic Reporter.

Even a live video feed allows users to sneak a peak into St. Peter’s Square with a simple tap, which all but assures that when the white smoke finally rises, many will be watching live on their phones. 

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