Mary Hunt on Apostolic Visitation report

Mary Hunt, the co founder and co director or WATER adds her voice to those responding to the release of last week's final Apostolic Visitation report on U.S. women religious communities. 

WATER, Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual,  is a non-profit educational center committed to theological, ethical, and ritual development by and for women. It uses feminist religious values to create social change.

Writes Hunt:

"I would have hoped, naively to be sure, for a robust apology on the part of the Vatican officials, a gracious but cautious acceptance of it on the part of the women religious, offer of restitution by the men, and a common plan to make sure that no such egregious act is ever perpetrated again. Nunca mas, or so I dream. Nevertheless, this formula—used so effectively in dealing with abusers and abused—is the most relevant parallel I can find to understand what occurred in this case."

See her full assessment here.

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