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It continues to amaze me: the repression in Honduras is every bit as bad, maybe worse, than that in Iran… yet media coverage is virtually non-existent. Might this difference have something to do with the fact that the U.S. government flatly opposes the government in Iran, but is at best ambivalent about the coup in Honduras? Is the mainstream media acting on those signals? I can’t help but wonder…

But now, the good news: The Quixote Center, on very short notice, organized a 9-person delegation that is now in Honduras, reporting on events as they unfold. This assures an international presence on the ground this week to accompany the grassroots social movements in Honduras.

Here is the latest report:

”Over the weekend there were two more deaths as a result of the military repression; after two days in intensive care, teacher Roger Vallejo died of a bullet wound to the head received while participating in a peaceful protest last week. Then, another teacher was stabbed and assassinated after attending his wake.

Today, our delegation met with human rights organizations in Honduras and attended the wake of the slain teacher. President Zelaya has filed a suit with the International Criminal Court based on the violation of individual and collective rights in Honduras as a result of the coup.

Meanwhile, in a chilling throw back to the past, Roger Noriega has been hired by a coalition of Honduran textile manufacturers to lobby US lawmakers on behalf of the coup government.”

To read more, here is the link to the Quixote Web page:

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