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Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence: Interfaith effort to curb gun deaths sees hope in data showing gun control laws work.

Is Pope Francis really going to the United States? His 'commuter visit' along the New York-Washington corridor will give him a glimpse of only a small patch of this vast and diverse country and the life of the church here.

LaCross Tribune columnist Mike Tighe has a solution. He posts an open letter to Francis inviting him to God's Country -- Wisconsin. Very clever piece, and here are some of the enticements:

After the East Coast mayhem, I’ve got just the place for you to unwind: Tack a few days onto your trip and come to the Coulee Region to soothe your spirit before you head back to the power struggles in the Vatican.

What can we getcha? Well, how about a quick retreat at the Franciscan Spirituality Center, which has a plethora of programs to fill any devotional holes for Your Holiness.

While you’re in that neighborhood, you can hang with the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration — one of the best bunches of nuns in the world.

Nearby, Viterbo University can squeeze you into a servant leadership class. It’s not that you NEED leadership tips, with the trails you’re blazing, but a campus visit would show you that Viterbo is not just a one-trick pony.

Ken Briggs: LCWR in uneasy peacetime,

Jesuit Fr. Michael Garanzini, chancellor of Loyola University, Chicago, says it's time for married priests.

Independent commission says Catholic Church in Scotland must publicly apologize for sex abuse.

Justice must be done for survivors, says commission in Scotland.

Groups representing LGBT Catholics told they can't use Catholic space in Philly during pope's visit, turn to other denominations


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