Morning Briefing

New Pew Poll: U.S. Catholics okay with non-traditional marriages; have problems with Francis teachings on excess; deep ties in U.S. culture to Catholicism -- and much more. A sampling: According to the survey, one-in-four Catholics have gone through a divorce. One-in-ten have not only divorced but also remarried. One-in-ten are living with a romantic partner, sans wedding, and more than four-in-ten have done so at some point in their lives.

The Economist labels Catholic Church finances "an unholy mess."

 Quinnipiac papal poll: Pope Francis is really popular -- and that includes some unlikely fans.

Vatican already looking ahead to pope's November Africa visit. Nuncio to Kenya and South Sudan announces details.

More than 90 Congressional Democrats sign letter to pope asking him to emphasize income inequality and climate change during speech to Congress.

Faith groups plan climate rally as pope speaks to Congress.

Obama has votes to secure Iran deal. Undecided Democrats reportedly persuaded by blunt message from diplomats from other deal partners.

Global Sisters Report: Her research on behalf of curious students led her to Anne Frank's father, Otto.

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