Morning Briefing

We've got two reporters on the ground in Poland for World Youth Day and Pope Francis' visit.

Are you watching the conventions? We are and this is what we think.

NCR Editorial: Hillary Clinton can win, but can she be successful?

Young Voices: An open letter to Catholic voters by Jocelyn A. Sideco

The Women on Top Theory Studies show that when women comprise around 25 percent of a group, their influence dramatically reshapes culture. Is 2016 the year women change the world?

Nuns on the Bus 2016: Creating spaces for transformation

Sisters urge UN to remember grassroots work in pursuing development goals

Australia: Police are investigating child abuse allegations against Cardinal George Pell who rejects them (Text and video)

Commentary: Pell abuse saga reeks of incompetent policing. If Pell is a child abuser, I want him out of the Vatican and out of the way of children. But if he's not, I want the Victoria Police to come clean and get back to routine policing, rather than media titillation, for the well-being of all of us, especially the alleged victims.

Addressing International Widows Day celebration, Ghana bishop urges women Don’t keep the abuse and mistreatment to yourselves -- report domestic violence.

Tim Kaine Thinks ISIS Fight Needs Congressional Approval: Will Commander in Chief Hillary Clinton listen to him?

Commentary: The source of America's political polarization? It's us by James E. Campbell

Grief fatigue: Are we really making a difference in the world’s healing? by Amy Butler, senior minister of The Riverside Church in New York City.

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