St. Francis, as well as a cat, helped me understand the souls of animals

Soul Seeing: Like humans, the furred, feathered and finned come from God. And we are realizing our links to animals in terms of communication, intelligence and emotional life.


At Christmas, it's not the money that counts

Soul Seeing: I don't recall how many wreaths I made that first Christmastide. I do know that many of them found their way to a front door in Paradise. A front door without one of my pop's wreaths was like a church without a stained-glass window.

Geese: creatures but also teachers

Soul Seeing: The more we learn from and about animals, the deeper grows our respect for the sanctity and interrelatedness of all life.

A poem and a poinsettia from Paradise

Soul Seeing: Gift-giving traditions are at the heart of being made in the image and likeness of love; they connect us to something beyond ourselves.